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These are some deals that I found on the net that are too good to pass up:

Remember to add the site to your browser's Favorites. 
Don't freak out when the "secure connection" windows pop-up.  They just lead to the website.

The guitar is a Kramer VT-111S.  I still have to buy one of these guitars, the hardware alone is worth over $80.  This guitar has gotten a good review.

The tube amp is an Gibson Electar Tube-10 (when you're on the website, click on "Electar" when searching for this amp and not "Gibson") and its circuit is very similar to a vintage Fender Champ Amp.  It's made in Korea and is well-made and heavy-duty.  When I first bought this amp, the overdrive was too hard and dirty for my taste and so I re-wired it so that it's almost exactly like a Fender Champ Amp.  The mapping of the circuit took about an hour and I did the mods bit by bit in a couple of days.  The overdrive tone, after the modifications, is very warm, soft and grindy.  The website says that this amp has a single 6V6 tube, but it came with a single 6L6 in the output tube socket, which is okay because the output circuit is a single-tube Class A circuit and with this output tube configuration, the bias resistor doesn't have to be a critical value (because of the mods that I did, I now use the gain pot as the bias resistor for the output tube and the volume pot as the gain pot).  So, a 6V6 or a 6L6 can be used.

The strings are house-brand strings.  I bought some, but I haven't tried them out yet.  The cool part about these sets of guitar strings is that there is an extra B-string and an extra E-string (the lightest strings).  These are made in Korea, also.

Two heavy-duty 10-foot guitar cords (with nice gold-tipped soldered plugs) were only $13.99 for two cords.  One heavy-duty 20-foot guitar cord was only $7.49.  Heavy-duty 2-foot patch cords were only $6.99 for three cords.

The website's $14.99 guitar tuner is pretty cool.  It's made so that you can tune a 7-string guitar with it and/or a 6-string bass guitar.  It's a third-generation tuner, meaning that it has an LCD display as a meter as well as L.E.D. lights to show if the string you're on is flat, in-tune or sharp.

The website sells factory-direct and also offers a package deal, called the Rock Rig, where you can get the guitar, the tube amp, a padded nylon guitar case, a strap and a ten-foot guitar cord for
$214.99.  If you bought the items individually, the cost  would be over $250.

More to come...
$79.99 Electric Guitar (the hardware and pick-ups alone are worth around $80)
$139.99 10-Watt Tube Amp (for studio recording)
$1.79 Electric Guitar String Set (with extra B and E strings)
$5.99 4-string Electric Bass String Set