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The Comet Filter is a Twin-T notch filter that I modified.  That should clear up any confusion...  I modified the Twin-T notch filter around 1995 so that I would get a sound that sounded like a phase shifter.  If you're in love with this circuit, then I'm flattered.  The sound ranges from low-pass filter to scooped metal to hard rock to cardboard.  If you use an SPDT, not a DPDT, bypass switch, that disables the output, with the input still connected to the input of this circuit, the circuit still works.  You might even say that the circuit works better than when the filter is directly in the signal path.  This circuit sounds really good and even better, it can keep you out of the "poorhouse".  By the way, the comet that this filter is named after is the Comet Hyakutake.
This fuzz kicks ass.  I revamped Roger Mayer's Axis Fuzz and stuck on a phase stage to make the circuit sound like a tube amp.  You probably notice the Dallas-Arbiter Fuzz Face biasing configuration.  You can use a regular low-pass RC network, ala the ProCo Rat, to make the circuit sound like a "open" tube amp.  This fuzz sounds ALOT like the "Modern Lead" amp model on my Zoom GM-200.  You'll be surprised at how much this circuit sounds like a tube amp.  The only thing "missing" is the desirable, fine-grain, underlying sheen, but who notices at a really loud rock show?  The response feels really good.  It even sounds really good with my horrible-sounding silverface CBS Fender Bassman (complete with aluminum trim and a mis-matched Fender cabinet loaded with P.A. speakers with whizzer cones).  I hereby dedicate this schematic to not my father, my father was one of the Japanese-Americans in the American Internment Camps of World War II, but to Harry Meyer, my mother's first husband, who escaped from East Germany to become a representative of the BRD at the Hague in the Netherlands.  For uniformity, all fixed resistors, except for the power supply resistor and of course the potentiometers, can be 100k resistors, to give a smoother response and for easier assembly.
This circuit is The Sh!t Face.  It's pretty much an optimized Fuzz Face with a phase network.  It sounds kinda tube-ampy, but the name says it all.  Like The Allies Fuzz, a basic low-pass RC network can be used to make the circuit's tone "darker".  This circuit is really meant to be used in a standard Jimi Hendrix set-up.  You know, a Strat, The Sh!t Face and then a Plexi Marshall.  In a Fuzz Face reissue that I bought mail-order from Manny's of New York, I installed a potentiometer preceding the phase cap, similar to a ProCo Rat.  Did you know that people in China eat rats?  You'd have to feed me a sh!tload of Tsing Tao beer, plum wine and lichi nuts before I even consider eating a rat, because I'm normal.  :)
You've heard of Madonna's Q-sound, right?  I understand that her Q-sound involved four monitor speakers.  What's really cheap and cool, though, is sticking a simple inverter with a bypass switch between the preamp/FM tuner/CD player/tape deck and the input of just ONE of the right and left channels of the amplifier.  This way, the "square" is completed.  Example: Left channel- preamp--->patch cord--->amplifier input; Right channel- preamp--->patch cord--->inverter--->patch cord--->amplifier input.  This way, there are extremely interesting phase differentials in real time in the space of the room.  OR, in a setup with two guitar speaker cabinets, connect a heavy-duty DPDT phase switch in ONE of the cabinets between the input jack and the speakers, you know, two-conductor.  Take out the "through" jack and mount the switch where the "through" jack was mounted.  OR, reverse the wires on just ONE of your speaker cabinet patch cords.  One cabinet projects more and sucks less and the other cabinet projects less and sucks more.  Instant M*A*S*H pit!
Please e-mail me to tell me how the show went when using any of these schematics because I would like to hear about the nuances in the atmosphere of each show.
I'm looking for bandmates.  My friend Santos is a really good guitarist, but he's moving within the year from what he told me.  We didn't even "have" a drummer or a bassist.  I live in Monterey County, California.  I play guitar and I sing.  I also program drum machines, sequencers and I do experimental psycho-acoustic stuff.  I also play some piano (around four years of piano lessons) and basic violin.  I've been recording my music for fifteen years.  I'm 30.  I graduated from high school in 1989, but I missed my graduation ceremony because the one class that I flunked in high school was Civics and I had to go to summer school.  I took some classes at junior college, but I withdrew from most of the classes because of minor social problems.  My friend Dan is a D.J. and can do some P.A. monitoring work.  I drink alcohol to get drunk, but I don't get drunk that often because I throw up.  I smoke tobacco.  I got my drivers' permit, but I haven't gotten my drivers' license yet.  No joke.  I spend most of my time watching movies, watching TV, looking at porn, making electronics stuff, designing electronics stuff, building electronics stuff, rehashing electronics stuff, recording stuff, thinking of world events and thinking of relativity.  Oh, and recycling.  Intra-social and interpersonal fighting makes me sick, mean and dangerous.  I "Hulk-out", honestly.  I'm willing to die for my bandmates, which is unlikely.  Please e-mail me at if you are interested in forming a band.  :)
Konnichi-Wa!  I-kaga-desu-ka?  Here is The Punk Panther.  Behold the beauty of the circuit.  Revel in the simplicity.  Bask in the warmth of the glow of the tubes of your amplifier because this circuit is just plain annoying.  You know, battlefield type o' stuff.  Anyway, this circuit is my personal tribute to Kurt Cobain.  I don't even know his middle name, but I respect him anyway.  Oh, wait, I just looked up his middle name on the internet.  Donald.  I can personally say that he glared at me at his first home-coming concert (I think it was his first home-coming concert) back in Seattle, WA, when I was living in Edmonds, WA, in 1991 & 1992.  Hey, I knew!  Uh, somewhat.
This circuit is really interesting.
This circuit is pretty neat.  In her books, Dr. Hulda Clark states that ANY positive offset voltage can kill pathogens.  With that idea in mind, I came up with the addition of probes to the circuit above.  You can play guitar and the sick person can hold the probes.  Please e-mail me with the results.
With the circuit fragment above, when you put capacitors leading to the input and leading from the output, take out the .1uF capacitor shunt to ground, change the 100k resistor to 1M and connect the fragment to the output of a fuzz, the circuit fragment rounds out the response from the fuzz pedal.
Where's my small, unlined yellow pad?
Uh, I'm a right-handed guitarist...
Free Fuzz Schematics
(& other oddities...)
Public Domain Circuits By Masaru Kubota
If your company would like to mass-produce any of the original circuits above, then please e-mail me to discuss the legalities and compensation.  My e-mail address is:
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The tones that are activated upon download of this webpage are only a test.
This is the Orion Fuzz.  When I first published this webpage, I suggested the option of replacing the phase network of The Allies Fuzz with an RC network.  Pretty simple, just connect the capacitor going to the emitter junction of the second stage to ground instead.  It's funny to watch all the people who were wrong about me.  They're the idiots who try to make no answer a "yes", somewhat like my neighbors, who still think that I'm a foreigner, when they knew that I was born in California in 1971.  They're the kind of people who think that Jesus Christ of the Holy Bible was white.  You gotta love 'em.
(For the ignorant)
Sansei means "Third-Generation Japanese-American".
Hey, ladies!  Can you believe that I'm still single? sells commercial musical equipment at pretty much average prices.
Carvin manufactures beautiful,  professional-quality equipment and sells factory-direct at around half-price compared to other companies.
Subway guitars has custom-built guitars and parts and is run by a person named "FatDog" who has really down-to-earth prices.  That would be weird if people started believing that he was a dog, or a sea-lion, because sadly-desperate, social-climbing women would start trying to bait him with their children and crazy E.T.'s, lost on their way to Fresno, would mistake him for one of their own and would make him the victim of their notorious supernatural buggering mating-rituals.
Warmoth of Washington has really excellent custom manufactured guitar necks and bodies at unbelievably reasonable prices. is amazing.  They sell factory-direct and they have full-sized Kramer Strat copies for $79.99 and Electar "Tube 10" 10-Watt all-tube tube amps (for recording) for only $139.99!   When I saw the price of the tube amp, I ordered one the same day.  The parts needed to make a tube amp cost that much!
Dr. Hulda Clark's Zapper can save your life!
Free Clark Zapper Variants schematics webpage at:
Free Cheap Modem Tweaks That Work webpage at:
Germanium Transistor Sale Page at:
This is the Chaos Fuzz.  This fuzz sounds like a lot of blues player's tones.  It is also good for Jimi Hendrix-style playing.