Hi, on this page, I give instructions that will partially help you with a project where you can make a REAL working "magical" amulet.

Have you ever heard the saying "Getting nickelled and dimed to death?"  There is some truth to the saying.  Of course, it means having to spend money in increments for, for example, the frequent repair of an item.  There's more to the saying, though, than the obvious.

Have you ever wondered why car doors being slammed, car engines revving, horns honking, doors slamming, people talking or yelling and noises in general make you nervous or tense?  Sympathy.  Not compassion.  Sympathy.  As in "pathetic".

People's bodies are toxic with metals from touching objects made of metal.  Coins, especially.  According to Dr. Hulda Clark, nickel toxicity causes baldness, from the build-up of nickel in the scalp.  Normal everyday nickel.  Dr. Hulda Clark says to use histidine and zinc to detoxify the body of nickel.  Zinc also detoxifies the body of other metals.  This is called chelating (pronounced key-late-ing).  Apparently, many bald people have a lot of nickel in their bodies and a bacteria problem because of it.  I've read on the net that if a person eats a tablespoon of non-hydrogenated vegetable oil per day, then the oil will stop the person from balding.  I've also read on the net that magnesium chelate can make a person feel wonderful.

I've read that people suffering from schizophrenia have abnormally low levels of zinc, vitamin C and magnesium in their bodies.

Since ancient times, people have been absorbing toxic metals into their body by touching pieces of metal.

Alchemists were obsessed with some types of metal because of the "magical" properties of the metal.  Lead, for example, was a prospective metal for transmutation experiments.  The alchemists thought that lead could be turned into gold.

Now for the good part.  Since people's bodies have been toxic with metals throughout the centuries, some people got sick, but others
adapted to their condition!  Some people with metal toxicity in their bodies were able to manipulate other people with build-up of toxic metal in their bodies!  I have observed the techniques used.  Coveting of the metal in question in general by the manipulator or controller ("I want me gold!"), sympathy (like being a radio-controlled car or the control unit) and resonance are used.  A good analogy of the situation is the use of pulverized insects in the lacquer of old violins, for the color and the effect.  You know, like annoying or soothing crickets.  What they feel is what you feel and vice-versa.  This means that when other people vibrate, the toxic metals in their bodies vibrate as well and if you have the toxic metal in your body, then you will vibrate right along with the other people.


Flesh and blood.

Coins.  (I'm using three post-1982 pennies on a nylon string around my neck, because they contain zinc.)


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By Masaru Kubota
Page created on 9/24/2002

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