For a small, independent digital film theater:

At, a DCM1001 225W RMS per channel two-channel amplifier with EQ for $469.99.  Two 822 12" Woofer 300W 2-way loudspeakers can be purchased for $199.99 each.

The loudspeakers would have to be in mounted/positioned in the walls on either side of the audience, like a movie theater.

An LCD projector ($1895 from would be used to project the images from behind the screen, like a rear-projection big screen.  The contrast would have to be very sharp to even-out the image.  Software that could flip the film image would be needed.

The elements needed for the theater is the screen (large sheets of semi-translucent plastic, test first), the seating (folding chairs or old throw-away armchairs), the red or black carpet (for the walls), plywood, mounting equipment and hardware.

The main presentation equipment would cost around $3000.    A small group of investors, let's say 10, would appoint a treasurer (like high school) and each contribute $300 each for the equipment.  The plastic sheets can be bought from an industrial supply place (get samples first to test with a projector).  The seating and carpeting can be bought from Goodwill, The Salvation Army and/or the recycling place at the dump.

With $5 being charged for each patron and with seating for an audience of 40, the initial investment for the presentation equipment can be returned in around a month, given that the theater is half-filled everyday of the month.

A computer is needed, of course...  A place to build a theater wouldn't hurt, either.

Here's something cool:  Has anyone ever heard of a drive-in that has a transmitter that transmits the soundtrack of the movie to the car radios in the drive-in parking lot and the immediate vicinity?  Probably an old idea...
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Lemonade Stand Digital Film Theater
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