Practically everyone knows that vampirism is an analogy for a social relationship between persons designated as vampires and the victims of these people.

Many people also know that garlic kills bacteria and that garlic wards off vampires in the movies.

Many people know that colloidal silver kills bacteria and that silver can kill a werewolf in the movies.

Thousands, maybe millions, of people know that square-wave generators kill bacteria, viruses and parasites and can cure a person of Cancer and HIV/AIDS (Dr. Hulda Clark and the Clark Zapper).  If you do a search on Lycos using the keywords "Hulda Clark", over 20,000 results are returned.  This is the Frankenstein analogy.

If there is a "vampire virus", like what's said in the movies, then apparently, garlic will work against vampires, if you eat it.

I've been wondering about wooden crosses.  There may be a substance in wood that, when you eat it and it gets into your bloodstream, kills the "vampire virus".  Maybe if you eat a piece of paper, then you'll be protected against vampires...  I don't know.  It could be the nature of the wood and the wood's relationship to its environment.  I hooked up a square-wave generator (under $10, if you make one yourself) with clips to a plain unpainted wooden "cross".  My left side, where I twitched a little when I applied the clips to the wooden cross.  Maybe vampires are also Dryads.

Dr. Hulda Clark states in her books that a person should use wet paper towels wrapped around the handholds of her Clark Zapper to increase the conductivity of the Clark Zapper's current to the body.  Who knows, maybe Dr. Hulda Clark is a vampire hunter.

I read, on a witchcraft website, that if a person eats a black walnut leaf, then that would cure what was ailing them.  Dr. Hulda Clark uses the herbs wormwood, black walnut and cloves to cure diseases.

So the items to eat or use are:

colloidal silver
black walnut
Clark Zapper
GSE (grapefruit seed extract)
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The Vampire Virus
By Masaru Kubota